Make a photo montage with Photoshop Touch


Adobe Education


March 11, 2015 - 8.00am (PDT)


Learn how to use the Adobe Photoshop Touch app on your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone to create a simple photo montage and add a variety of cool effects. Create a simple image montage and add a variety of cool effects using Adobe Photoshop Touch, the app that lets you transform your images using core Photoshop features. Educator Ross Wallis will lead you through creating your first mobile masterpiece.

Session Recording

You can find hte presentation decl for this presentation at this Adobe Education Exchange Activity.

About the presenter

Ross Wallis teaches Art at a small Quaker school, part day, part boarding, part international, with pupils ranging in age from 3 to 18. With a background in fine art and printmaking, he became interested in the potential of digital technology in the art room from the mid 80's and has pursued this interest though it’s rapid and remarkable development. Ross has specialised in the creative use of Adobe tools, encouraging students to explore their creative ideas through digital media, from simple cut and paste collage in Photoshop to complex projects using Dreamweaver, Flash and Aftereffects.

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